Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fire On The Bayou - Respect My Mind

Fire On The Bayou is a record label that was based on the infamous Valence street in New Orleans, LA. The label was started by brothers Derick and Kendrick Dauphin along with their childhood friends Cy Williams and Vernon "Cazel" Barabino. Respect My Mind is a compilation album that was released in 1998 by the same label. The production is split right down the middle between the masterful David "D-Funk" Faulk and Vernon "Cazel" Barabino. The beats carry that harsh yet classic "Nola" sound. The melodies and rhythms are all strictly southern and are provided humbly with variety. Since this is a compilation, a bunch of rappers were also invited for this rhyme festival. With an impressive lineup of Mystikal, Crazy and Legend Man of Murder Inc., Skull Duggery, Rated X, Big Ramp, Calico, Neferius Mike, Illusion, G-Man, Sharp Shooter, Ken Real, V.L. Trell, The Swamp Click and backup vocals being provided by George Clinton and Peaches, it is truly very hard to disappoint. Lyrics are quite commendable and although there are over fifteen tracks, they are still pretty diverse. Different combinations are provided for the listener to keep things fresh and new. Unfortunately Fire On The Bayou Records was a fly by night label that faded away as quickly as it began. Respect My Mind was plagued with distribution problems as well as financial issues for those who participated. In the end, the album became out of print and with the royalties quickly disappearing, the team of rappers and producers listed above were left with a very foul and sour taste.

Deadly Verses
Feel This ft. Big Ramp, Ken Real & Sharp Shooter

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