Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pimpsta - Texas Wada

Pimpsta is a rapper and producer who represents from the southside of Dallas, TX. He has been in the music industry since the early nineties and even established his own label called Skrilla Records. After the success of his debut record, "Dickies & House-Shoes" which spawned the local hit song by the same name, Pimpsta returned with the follow up Texas Wada in 1996 on Rrush Records. The production in its entirety is done by Luther Mitchell who provides all the southern fried tracks. The melodies easily carry that Texas funk and are quite groovy to say the least. Pimpsta is known in the deep south for his laid back persona as well as his signature funky style of delivery. The rhymes are straight forward but are filled with charm and energy. His style is pretty unique and its tailor made to fit perfectly for the beats provided. Although he's not a serious lyrical threat, he does manage to keep the listener entertained with catchy hooks and choice word play. Backup vocals are courtesy of Peaches, Kim Mitchell, Ro70, Jennifer White and Jenny Williams. Pimpsta is one of those artists that never get the recognition or attention they deserve. Throughout his long career, he cranked out local hits on just about every album he put out but somehow always went under the radar outside of Texas. For Pimpsta, the Dallas and Fort Worth area has been nothing short of rewarding and for those that were lucky enough to witness his form of artistry will have no problem vouching for him.

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