Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scorpio - Deadly As The Venom Part 1

Scorpio is a rapper and producer who represents from Biloxi, MS. Hailing from the infamous "Buck City," he is certainly no stranger to hard times. This can easily be sensed through his jagged verses as well as the mood that is set for the album. To simply test the waters, Scorpio originally just pressed a hundred copies of Part 1 but after receiving a nice reception from the surrounding cities, he ended up releasing a re-issue in the year 2000. Deadly As The Venom is his debut album and it was released in 1999 on Too Real Records. The production on the project is handled by Keith Falgout, SMP and Scorpio himself. The beats utilize a good range of instruments and easily carry a crisp southern sound. Although the tracks are all derived originally, mainly to avoid sampling issues and publishing problems, there are times when they tend to become overly simple and basic. Lyrically the album is quite good and is definitely a step above any local release. Scorpio scorches the microphone with his hard rhymes and certainly portrays them in a unique fashion. His pace is fairly quick for the most part and the back up vocals are also all on point. Guest appearances are made by AK, Lady, Big Face, SMP, Gangsta Red and Unforgiven. All in all its a brilliant effort by the Mississippi native but also one that fell through the cracks. Its a shame though because the quality of the content is really superb. It is unknown if Part 2 was ever released or any other album for that matter by Scorpio.

Deadly Verses
Label Me A Kingpin

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