Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fiend - Won't Be Denied

Fiend is a rapper and producer who represents out of the 17th Ward in New Orleans, LA. He is well known for his raspy tone and rough delivery. After losing his brother to the streets at a very early age, Fiend resorted to rap and poetry to help ease the pain. Eventually his talents came across the keen eye of Charles Temple and he was quickly signed to the then newly founded, Big Boy Records. Won't Be Denied is his debut album and it was released in 1995 on the same label. The production is done by the magnificent Leroy "Precise" Edwards and he entices the listener with a good selection of funky rhythms. The tracks are laced together with multiple instruments and although this is one of Precise's early pieces, it still happens to carry his signature style of melody. Fiend is known throughout the southern region as an accomplished lyricist and at one point of time was regarded as one of the best kept secrets of the Dirty South. His rhymes are delivered with high intensity and are filled with dynamic word play. His hefty southern drawl and his distinct harsh voice is the powerful root for all the ballads. They are delivered with utter precision and are also fired at a rapid rate. Fiend's days with Big Boy Records were short lived though and he would later be enlisted as a valuable soldier in the ever growing empire known as, No Limit. Not only did this move help propel his career but also gave him a worldwide following. Although he went on to bigger and better avenues such as his stint with the Ruff Ryders or his current membership in the group called Jet Life, this eager and sincerely humble beginning will never be forgotten due to the legacy it left behind.

Deadly Verses

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