Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nickel Nut - No Snitchin'

Nickel Nut - No Snitchin'
Nickel Nut also known as Drunk D, is an underground rapper from the notorious neighborhood of 5th Ward in Houston, TX. He first started off as one of the five dominant members in the group, Too Much Trouble. As a group they released three successful albums with Rap-A-Lot Records. The group disbanded in 1997 over bad terms. Everything from financial issues to member incarcerations and even creative differences, played a major role in the groups' demise. After a five year hiatus, Nickel Nut resurfaced in 2002. No Snitchin' is his debut solo album and it was released in 2003 on Penthouse Records. The record is decently produced entirely by Grizz. The beats carry simple melodies which makes the tracks justly passable. Although some cuts do stand out, the lyrics tend to be far more superior though. Nickel Nut once again brings his intensified yet undeniably raw style to the table. His rhymes showcase countless accounts of ruthlessness and vileness. Main contents include raunchy sex escapades to dope fiend driven tales and surprisingly, even some heart felt ballads. Featuring on the album is Lo-Life and E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz, Ghetto MC of Too Much Trouble, Big Chill, Kannetic, Atom and Trey. Overall the record was a good attempt due to some minor flaws. Production does fall a good bit short but Nut keeps things afloat with his originality on the microphone. Sure the album wont take home any awards or plaques but it still deserves a honorable mention. Also, there are talks of a possible Too Much Trouble reunion and maybe even an all new album in the works.

Deadly Verses

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