Thursday, April 1, 2010

Money Waters - The Porch

Money Waters is a significantly talented artist from Dallas, TX. He is known for his heavily drawled southern accent and his deliberate yet unorthodox style of presentation. The Porch was his debut album and it was released in 2003 on Soullsys Music. The record quickly created a local and regional commotion. Soon Money Waters found himself setting the stage with the likes of UGK, Too $hort, Devin The Dude, Young Bleed, Slim Thug and Busta Rhymes. Production on The Porch is all done with live instruments and is provided by Gugu, Riddles, Tonio, Kerav Shimon and Money Waters. The beats are a terrific blend of sweet soul which fuses elements of twangy jazz and smooth southern funk. This feat is not only accomplished on this record but it is done with pure perfection. It ends up giving a very distinct sound and quickly sets it apart from others. Waters' delivery on the microphone is certainly unique and comprehensive. His lyrics are genuine and carry various word schemes. Rhymes tend to be simply jubilant all the while being thoroughly entertaining. Featuring artists are Kabaal, Mookah, Limp Leg, Pikahsso and John J. Overall the content is displayed through a collection of twenty tracks which cover a wide variety of subjects and explore a plethora of musical styling. The end result is a record that truly defies categorization due to its originality and eccentric composure.

Deadly Verses
Payless Blues


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