Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double D - Under The Influence

Double D is a proficient rapper and a talented producer from Houston, TX. During the nineties he played a major role in the success of Wreckshop Records and their gifted production team known as Platinum Souls. Although he was more than capable of releasing his own material, he only managed to make production credits as well as some guest appearances on many notable albums from Texas. He ended up leaving Wreckshop Records in 2001 after claiming disputes over his fair share of royalties. Under The influence is his debut solo record and it was released in 2002 on In House Entertainment. The refined production is provided by J-Pre, Double D and G. Johnson. The beats tend to be very harmonic and each track is filled with that genuine southern twang. They also happen to carry addictive hooks and some crisp sampling. D's lyrics are strictly on point and are integrated with the flair presented on the album. He showcases decent amounts of word play while conducting his rhymes in a very profound manner. Featuring artists on the album are Big T, Kottonmouth, Papa Chuck, The Pham Click, Lil' O and Hawk of the Screwed Up Click. The subject matter certainly coats a full variety of themes and topics. All in all the record certainly gives off a satisfying vibe and it can easily be labeled as a pristine gem in the underground.

Deadly Verses
Here Comes Da Pham


ThaIgk said...

Thx a lot for this album. Never knew it had come out.

Fo20FoolFoLife said...

Never heard of this. Thanks, as usual, for puttin me on to it.. I know who Double D is, just didnt know this existed. Props.


haha, that word I gotta type in this code thing below, "Swagst", God I hate that swag word..