Friday, October 23, 2009

Hog Pen Clique - These Are The Days

Hog Pen Clique - These Are The Days
The Hog Pen Clique also known as HPC, is a group from the east side of Austin, TX. It consists of Alley Cat, Big Chief, Lil' Tex and Heavy D. These Are The Days is their debut album and it was released in 2003 on Central Corridor Records. All the first class production is done by Mr. Bobcat. The beats use elements of the conventional southern fried sound and combine it with the contemporary new wave up tempo style. The end result is a magnificent presentation of top notch rhythms and fresh melodies. The producer also laced the tracks with some soothing samples and catchy hooks. All members are capable and reputable lyricist. Each of them carry their own aberrant style as well as deviant tones. Although Big Chief stands out the most in the rhyming department, his fellow comrades are not too far behind. The group conveys their work with a very unique vibe and feel. Their subject matter also covers a vast variation of topics. This includes everything from hard edged street tales to smooth ego conscious ballads. Featuring on the album is Big Baily, who generally provides some singing and back up vocals. All in all the album is a solid collective of fifteen tracks. It also showcases a perfected, yet unorthodox style which is typically dismissed by the general audience.

Deadly Verses
These Are The Days

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