Thursday, September 17, 2009

Profound, Ltd. - Possession With Intent To Distribute

Profound, Ltd. - Possession With Intent To Distribute
Profound, Ltd. are a duo from Houston, TX. It consists of Groove and Banoe. Possession With Intent To Distribute is their debut album and it was released in 2000 on Red Boy Records. Production on the record is done by DJ Dolby D, Damon Spencer, Game-Be-No and Ulta E. The beats fuse elements of that classic southern funk with new wave melodies. That approach is firmly effective so the rhythms end up being thoroughly captivating. The tracks also happen to include decent amounts of chopping and scratching which are all courtesy of DJ Dolby D. The lyrics carry a sturdy vibe all throughout. Both members yield distinct styles and have the ability to spit. Groove delivers his fair share with a deeper tone and dialect while Banoe conveys with word play and content schemes. Their rhymes substantially vary just as well as their subject matter. The album starts off a bit on the club savvy side but quickly takes a turn towards a much more serious direction. Guest appearances are made by Pimp C of UGK, Lil' Keke of the Screwed Up Click, Legal Substanz, Low Down, A-Wall, Dolby D, Showtyme, I.B.G. and Red Boy. Overall the album contains good quality material and it is unblemished inside and out. It is one of the many gems that get released nationally but go unnoticed entirely. The duo had plans for a follow up album but that idea was later dropped mainly due to the mediocre attention and the lack of notoriety the group received.

Deadly Verses
Remember ft. I.B.G., Legal Substanz, & Dolby D


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Great album, thx a lot!!

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thanks man, this is dope