Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Its been one year since I started this blog. So to commemorate its' anniversary, I would like to make this post. I made a similar post when I first achieved ten thousand plus hits on the page. What I thought then was an accomplishment, simply turned out to be an ample beginning. It is one year later and I have received over one hundred thousand hits. What had commenced as an experiment, is now willingly a tradition. First and foremost I would like to take the time out and thank all the viewers, followers, friends and affiliates. That includes the likes of JB, Sho, MadMan, rhhino, Kyozai, Gizzle, Chanky, Kid Slizzard, Godfather, Igor, MORT, Kingpin, Fo20, Cash, eggggg, Percy Mack, ilconnection, majestysozey, kivipaperisakset, and keep checking back here for more dope, straight from the south.


base monster said...

props on 1 year, there is so much stuff I have gathered from this blog I dunno where to start. a real education + some bangin albums I never would've heard of otherwise. thanks


ThaIgk said...

Pls accept my congratulations on 1st Anniversary - what I love about this blog that it brings quality southern rap music to our attention with a very informative presentation of artists and their albums. Thank you very much and keep it comin'!

Juice Mannen Hugo said...

I found some really really dope music right here, so congrats on the one year anniversary and keep it going you're doing something really good here spreading this music letting the world hear it.

Hugo The Dude.

Space Hogg said...

Its easy to upload and post a link, what really makes this the number one source for classic Texas albums is your knowledge of the artists and your serious approach to both the production and the lyrial qualities of their music.

Thanks for all the great work you´ve put in here.

Keep it up!

thatfoolFo20 said...

NO, thank YOU, buddy! One of my fav blogs to check for. Props!