Friday, August 28, 2009

Don Chino’s - Infamous Thug Syndicate

Don Chino’s - Infamous Thug Syndicate
Don Chino and the Infamous Thug Syndicate are an underground clique from the southside of Houston, TX. Don Chino is the leader of the group and his family consists of over fifteen members but the main ones are Marrow, Lil' Crucial, Big Baby, Tas, Lil Mac and the female emcee known as Queen Thug. This is their debut album and it was released in 2000 on Explicit Records. All the production is done in house by Don Chino himself. The beats are a true blend of synthesizers and drum machines. Regardless of the fact that they are simply made and void quality due to lack of proper equipment, they are still surprisingly good. Along with that they also manage to fit the group's persona perfectly. All members have the ability to spit on the mic. Each of them holds a distinct manner as well as vicious personalities. Most members tend to deliver tongue twisting rhymes at a high rate of speed while others like to use word play and justify their flows poetically. The group's identity is their raw and uncut characteristics that sets them apart from others. All in all the album is a lengthy collective of eighteen tracks that cover a vast variety of subjects. Despite the record being out of print and clearly hard to find, it still is a strict representation of the underground that manages to out shine most albums released today.

Deadly Verses
In These Streets

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