Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dirty Red - Gift Of Gab

Dirty Red - Gift Of Gab
Dirty Red is a rapper who hails from the notorious neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, TX. He also holds membership in the Starvin' Artists family. Gift Of Gab is his debut solo album and it was released in 2005 on Mob Muzic Records. Production is provided by Ivan Benson, Pimp C of UGK and Rashard Hall. The beats are a blend of the new wave of southern funk and they certainly compliment Red's style of delivery. Although the classic southern sound might be a little absent, the artist more than makes up for it with a healthy dosage of steady rhymes. He possesses a decent amount of lyrical dexterity and his flow is mostly well rounded. The album contains a total collection of eighteen tracks, many of which are quite notable while some happen to be mundane fillers. Guest appearances are made by UGK, Six Two, Shogun, Young Muhammad, Sky, Deion, Zac, Hump and Lil' Flip. Overall the record is a solid offering from a fresh and upcoming artist. Even though some may discard the album and deem it as passable, it still deserves to a honorable mention.

Deadly Verses
Get The Greenboy ft. Pimp C & Six Two

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ThaIgk said...

Thanks a lot for drawing my attention to this album by posting the info and sharing a link!!! I liked it a lot, some tracks are really bangin' hard.