Monday, November 3, 2008

Facemob - The Other Side Of The Law

Facemob - The Other Side Of The Law
Facemob is a group that was created by the legendary Scarface of the Geto Boys. It was formed around the talents of five different rappers from five different cities and states. He recruited Devin The Dude who although would later relocate and represent Houston but is originally from St. Petersburg, Florida. He then went to St. Paul, Minnesota and picked up DMG. After that he got 350, the female emcee from Cleveland, Ohio. Next stop was Chicago, Illinois where he met Chi-Ray. Finally they were back to Houston, Texas and got one last member who is also a childhood friend of Scarface known as Smit-D. The group was formed and now it was time to hit the recording studios. This is their debut album and was released in 1996 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Production was done by Scarface along with Mike Dean and N.O. Joe. They team up to provide the dope, funk laced beats. The lyrics are hard but at times they lack foundation. All five members have their own style and they flow according to that. At times their chemistry seems on point and then there are moments where it suffers. Featuring on the record is Scarface. The group went on to release one more album and then broke up. The break up was mostly because of lack of success for the group and members focusing on their solo careers. This record is also known for starting Scarface's career as a full fledged producer.

Deadly Verses

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