Thursday, November 20, 2008

Botany Boys - Thought Of Many Ways

Botany Boys - Thought Of Many Ways
Botany Boys is a group from Cloverland, a neighborhood located on the southside of Houston, TX. The group first started in 1996 when they released their debut LP, Smokin 'N Leanin. The members are C-Note, D-Red, Will Lean, Head, D-E-Z, Pap Pap and the Botany B.G.'s which consists of Lil' 3rd and B.G. Gator. Their sophomore record, Thought Of Many Ways is a 2-Disc album which was released in 1997 on Big Shot Records. D-Red is the man behind all the production and he did an excellent job on this one. The Beats are hard hitting and are filled with woozy and whiny synths. Each member has a distinct flow and their lyrics vary on both discs. Disc 1 is more laid back with smooth flows while Disc 2 is more gangsta and contains that southern harsh reality. Features are courtesy of Bun B of UGK, D of Trinity Garden Cartel, Big Moe, Lil' Keke, Ronnie Spencer, Quanell X, Angie, Vic, and the legendary DJ Screw. The group released their final ablum "Botany Forever" in 2000 and eventually broke up. Members D-E-Z and Head got incarcerated and another member lost his life. Rest in peace B.G. Gator. Members C-Note, Will Lean and D-Red pursued a solo route. This group was also part of the Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.). Thought Of Many Ways will always remain a H-Town classic. The Botany Boys held their ground and put the neighborhood of Cloverland on the map.

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