Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dat Boy Grace - Rollin & Groovin

Dat Boy Grace - Rollin & Groovin
Dat Boy Grace is a rapper from Houston, TX. He is also the brother of L.O.S. They are both considered original members of the Screwed Up Click and have been featured on numerous Screw Tapes. This album was released in 2006 on REL Records. Production was done by Thug Dirt and it really shines. Grace is known and viewed by many as a very strong lyricist. His tongue twisting delivery and fast paced rhymes schemes are all present here. Featuring on the album is Trae, 3-2, Den-Den and Boss Shan-D. Although he is currently incarcerated in Talladega, AL for a felony gun charge. He is scheduled to be released within the next year. Grace has also recently released his new album called the Gray Tape Soldier and has acquired a new alias, Macc Grace

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