Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sporty T - Chromed Out

Terence Vine, better known as Sporty T, was an artist who represented the deadly bayous of New Orleans, LA. Most known for his whimsical flow as well as his infamous war on wax against Cash Money Records, Sporty first started out in 1986, as a member of the Ninja Crew with Gregory D and DJ Baby T. After their short lived success, he would end up pursuing the solo route and would go on to become one of New Orleans' best kept secrets. Chromed Out is his fourth album and it was released in 1997 on Ruff Era Records. Production, as with most of his releases is handled by his right hand man, the masterful T-Bone. The skillful, David "D-Funk" Faulk programs all the necessary equipment with Ice Mike, who is also credited for one of the tracks as well. The rhythms are crafted from the ground up and are thoroughly entertaining. They contain various instruments and carry that typical N.O. sound. A type of sound that is best exemplified through blaring horns, dark synths, funky bass, piercing bells and finished off with a strict cadence of drums. This concoction serves as the foundation for the record and it certainly does not disappoint. Sporty T is a top caliber lyricist and takes full advantage of the solid production. His delivery is rapid and full of word play. His tone is quite rough and when combined with his quick pace and a strong vocabulary which truly makes him a standout on the microphone. The album signs off with a decent total of twelve tracks with multiple shots being fired at Cash Money Records and the Hot Boy$. It's hard to pin point how the feud began between the two parties. Some say it was just a misunderstanding on Sporty's behalf while others have claimed it was Cash Money Records who drew first blood. Whatever the case may be, it was very clear that both sides meant business and it was more than just some rap. Sporty T was murdered in 2008 while he slept in his home. An unknown gunmen who was carrying an AK-47, opened fire on the exterior of his trailer home. Paramedics found Sporty T's wounded body inside on his bed and pronounced him dead at the scene. In the end, the city of New Orleans lost a man who is considered by many to be a pioneer for the city's Rap and Hip Hop scene. A local legend with a timeless catalog of music, who always gave his best when inside the recording booth. Rest in peace to the ambitious, Sporty T.

Deadly Verses
Dope Tito

The Aftermath

Album Notes
* Sporty T is also a member of the Wet Boys.
* Wet Boys was a group created to counter the Hot Boy$.

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