Thursday, January 12, 2017

J-Tweezy - Da Ghetto Mouth Piece Of Da South - Compilation Vol 1

Joshua James Bursh, better known as J-Tweezy, is a multi-talented DJ from the renowned streets of Baton Rouge, LA. He was most known for his hit late night radio shows throughout South Texas and Southern Louisiana. His shows would often shed light on underground and upcoming artists as well as pay homage to the premiere ones. He is a prolific DJ/Radio Personality and an accomplished producer. Da Ghetto Mouth Piece Of Da South is a compilation that he released on his own label, Off Da Heezy Entertainment in 2001. About half of the production is handled by J-Tweezy while the other half is credited to his accomplices such as Steve Below, L.A. Dre, DJ Tron, Doobie Smoov, Dr. J, Ryal, TruDawg, DJ New Orleans, Big Los, J.D. and Winston. The rhythms are strictly Southern in nature and while most are originally crafted, there are some that are sample assisted. The overall sound is kept at a jubilant level but there are some tracks that hit a bit harder than others. Everything from groovy guitars to space age horns and even a solid percussion set is used. This simple yet effective, type of production pattern is the backbone for the record and it certainly gives off an easy going and relaxed atmosphere. Lyrically, the album is pretty versatile due to the star studded guest list. The features are courtesy of C-Loc, Lil' Boosie, Max Minelli, Thug Addict, Lil' jon, E.S.G., Yungstar, Tyte Eyez, D-Gotti, D-Reck, X-Con, The Ill Relatives, Atari, Peep Skills, Ms. Peaches, Product, Tank, Dirty, Lord Trauma, Chyna White, Mutt, Trelli Trelle, Playboy and Gloria Velez. A long list of supplemental artists but a must have for any compilation to be somewhat successful in the South. Overall, this is a competent release and one that can keep itself afloat due to its' lengthy content. J-Tweezy provided a quality product through determination and sheer effort. It's a compilation that deserves a spin in the playlists or a spot in the archives for both the fans and the collectors of Southern Rap.

Deadly Verses
So High ft. E.S.G. & Yungstar

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