Friday, November 13, 2015

The Lumberjacks - Livin' Life As Lumberjacks

The Lumberjacks - Livin' Life As Lumberjacks
The Lumberjacks is a duo that represents from the powerful streets of Atlanta, GA. It consists of T-Mo and Khujo, formerly of the infamous Goodie Mob. The duo was formed in 2004 shortly after the break up of the original Goodie Mob. First to leave the group was Cee-Lo, who started to find some success as a solo artist. Big Gipp eventually followed and tested the solo market but did not get the same positive results. So with only two members remaining who still wanted to pursue music together, they decided to form The Lumberjacks and move on from what was a disastrous situation with group members jumping ship left and right. Livin' Life As Lumberjacks is their debut album and it was released in 2004 on Koch Records. Many different producers are used to compile the tracks while Organized Noize handles the bulk of the load. The other producers used are DJ Speedy, Cool Rah, Darin "Superpower" Baker, Ed X, Edward Cleveland, Hall Of Tunez and Montez Harris. The beats are a split between the classic sound that was always associated with the old Dungeon Family and the contemporary new wave sound that comes naturally for any post 2000 release. Most of the tunes are quite melodic while there are some that get a little mundane. Lyrically the album is at an average level. Although both Khujo & T-Mo are well respected lyricists and their past resume is a commendable one, they simply just don't show the same prowess on this release. There are flashes of brilliance on a couple of tracks which can attest for their abilities on the microphone and is reminiscent of their days with the Goodie Mob and then there are tracks that seem to lack energy and passion which in turn sounds like the artists are either holding themselves back or dulling their lyrics down to fit the mainstream sound. Guest appearances are made by Big Gipp, Witchdoctor, Big Hustle and Preacher. Overall it was a valiant effort by the duo, especially considering the fact that they were without their better counterparts. The album is missing the charm and magic that Cee-lo would provide for their earlier releases. Many don't know that he was the driving force behind Goodie Mob's vision and its' sound. Even though this release won't take home any awards or break any barriers musically, it is still worth a listen. One can only imagine what kind of accolades this record would receive had Cee-Lo contributed to it. All is not lost though, these two can hold their own ground firmly and can still catch the listener by surprise with their alluring artistry.

Deadly Verses
Superfriends ft. Big Gipp

Album Notes
* Goodie Mob reunited in the year 2013.
* Lumberjacks are 1st Generation members of the Dungeon Family.

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