Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DJ DMD - Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide

Dorie Dorsey, better known as DJ DMD, is a renowned rapper, producer and DJ who hails from the notorious streets of Port Arthur, TX. He is also the founder of Inner Soul Records as well as the collective known as the Inner Soul Clique. DMD initially started off in the early nineties with a group called The Original Point Blank. It was after this venture, when he realized the passion and talent he had for the industry. This eventually led him to form his own label which brought other small time artists in Port Arthur together and ultimately formed the Inner Soul Clique. Twenty-Two is his second album and it was released in 1998 on Inner Soul Records. As always, DMD is the sole producer and he does a superb job on the beats. They are all funk laden and are derived through multiple musical instruments. Some of them are sample assisted while others are as original as can be. The rhythms carry a very precise feel and their craftsmanship oozes quality. They are definitely southern in style and are also very smooth on the playing end. Lyrically the album is also quite impressive. DMD can hold his own on the microphone. His tone is somewhat relaxed and his delivery is distinct. His rhymes carry a good amount of wordplay and are a perfect fit for his beats. Also, the members of the Inner Soul Clique are very good lyricists as well. Each one bringing a unique and thought provoking style to the table which in return boosts the core content of the entire record. Guest appearances are made by Pimp C of UGK, Lil' Keke and Fat Pat of the Screwed Up Click. All in all, this was a wonderful follow up to his debut "Eleven." Not only did it help spawn one of the greatest rap songs in Southern Rap history in "25 Lighters," it also let the whole world know about the small city of Port Arthur in South Texas.

Deadly Verses
Landmines ft. Laboo & QB

Deadly Video

Album Notes
* Rest in peace to Pimp C and Fat Pat.
* DJ DMD would retire from the rap game in the year 2002.
* He later returned in the year 2012 as a Christian Rap artist.
* The Rock group, ZZ Top also did a rendition of 25 Lighters.

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