Friday, September 5, 2014

Fesu - War With No Mercy

Yusef Cross, better known as Fesu, is a rapper who hails from the prominent district of Greenspoint in Houston, TX. He is a talented lyricist and also a well known activist for the honorable, Nation Of Islam. War With No Mercy is his debut album and it was released in 1994 on Continuum Records. The record in its entirety is produced by Ronald "T.K." Mims and is arranged by the local activist, Quanell X. The beats are an intricate display of funky guitars, groovy bass lines and emphatic drums. Also the samples are wisely chosen and the end result definitely exceed expectations. On the other hand, Fesu is an absolute brute on the microphone. His rhymes are a direct portrayal of a young man facing adversity in day to day life. Whether its the racial tensions in the city or the ever growing drug epidemic, Fesu takes the listener through a rough and rugged ride with his assault on the microphone. Guest appearances are made by Mr. Loc, Bobby Womack and Minister Robert Muhammad. Overall this release is held in high regards, mainly due to the genuine core content that is presented over fourteen solid tracks. Not only did it put young Fesu in the national limelight but it also help solidify him as an artist. An artist that is not easily swayed by material possessions or belongings but one that is adept at speaking the truth, regardless of Billboard charts or record sales.

Deadly Verses

Deadly Video

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