Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wet Boys - 6 Ft. From Home

The Wet Boys was a relentless group that represented the illicit streets of New Orleans, LA. It was headed by the formidable Sporty T along with Black John Gotti and the in-house producer, T-Bone. The group's only claim to fame was their war on wax with Cash Money Records and the nefarious, Hot Boy$. As it is customary in any verbal exchange in the Rap Industry, it does not matter who starts it but rather who finishes it. Although, Sporty T was a legend in his own right, the Wet Boys simply cannot hold a candle to what Cash Money Records and the Hot Boy$ accomplished in city of New Orleans, let alone the South, period. Now, as far as the battle of words go, Sporty T may have had the upper hand only because of his lyrical prowess and his furious tone upon the microphone. 6 Ft From Home is the third and final album by the acclaimed group and it was released in 2001 on Sporty Records. As always, the production is handled by the masterful, T-Bone and it is quite respectable to say the least. His edgy and eclectic style is brought to light by the use of various synthesizers and drum machines. The beats also tend to carry a street savvy vibe and will at least, keep the listener engaged. Lyrically the record is rather on the strong side and that is mainly due to Sporty's powerful lyrical skill and dexterity. His delivery and technique are both unmatched. Not to mention his aggressive tone that is accompanied by his equally wild persona and it is safe to say that Sporty belongs in the upper echelon when discussing lyricists representing the State of Louisiana. The core content is where the album really takes a hit and suffers. While there are some new cuts, most of the tracks have either been recycled from Sporty's previous solo outings or the Wet Boys' prior releases. The record lacks a polished feel and seems as if it had been thrown together overnight. It appears as if Sporty T was attempting to make up lost ground to Cash Money Records and was trying to release something to derail their massive success. Around this time, Sporty was also heavily involved with another group known as Da Wild Boyz, which was basically another collective whose main goal was to go after Cash Money Records. It is unknown whether or not both sides resolved their issues and its a topic that will remain shrouded in mystery due to the brutal murder of Sporty T in 2008. May he rest in peace.

Deadly Verses
6 Ft. From Home

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