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VooDoo Mob - 210 Soldiers

VooDoo Mob - 210 Soldiers
VooDoo Mob is a collective that represents from the dark alleys of San Antonio, TX. The crew consists of Voodoo King, 666 and Magik Man. 210 Soldiers is their debut EP and it was released in 1997 on 210 Records. Production is solely provided by the Magik Man, who is the group's devoted in-house producer. The rhythms are presented in a very grim and gloomy style. They are derived through heavy bass lines which incorporate a steady usage of samples and are finally finished off with some dark synths. The bass heavy pattern meshes beautifully with the horrorcore sound. It's a smooth transition and one that definitely pays homage to the early Bass culture of San Antonio's diverse Rap scene. Lyrically, the EP is quite hard to judge due to the fact that the vocals are only laid on two of the tracks. The rest of the cuts are just plain instrumentals. The group does show a limited amount of promise on the microphone but their rhymes give off a very simple vibe. The lyrics seem like freestyles that are coming fresh off the domes rather than something that is a bit more concrete. There is hardly any direction in the songs and it seems as if the verses were just cut and pasted together. As mentioned above, there are only two cuts with vocals so this assessment maybe a bit harsh but one can only imagine what the group members could have accomplished with the rest of the tracks or possibly even a full fledged album. The EP closes out with a meager total of seven tracks and since this is a tape only release, some sound quality issues are to be somewhat expected. Overall it's a decent effort by the SA Town natives and one that is as obscure as finding a needle in a haystack. While the release does carry a strange and intriguing vibe, sadly there is just not enough substance or core matter to keep the listener coming back for more.

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There isn't much to expect from VooDoo Mob but explicit content. I expected so much from the album. But, was disappointed with the performance.