Tuesday, July 26, 2016


     PJ is a rapper that represents from the murky bayous of Houston, TX. This is his self titled debut and it was released in 2002 on Black Ink Records. PJ, along with producer DMD, put forth this effort in hopes of achieving some attention. Sadly, very little is known about the artist or the record label for that matter and any information regarding them would be greatly appreciated. Production is handled largely by DMD while assisted by J. Sanchez and PJ. The rhythms are quite bland to be honest and really don't have too much going for them. They seem to be electronically derived and are missing structural aspects and core fundamentals. There is no differentiation in tracks and each cut sounds strikingly similar to the next. The beats are also kept very simple which in return gives off a very mundane result. Lyrically, the album won't take home any awards and the basic approach used by the artist will also not help its' cause. PJ's rhyme pattern is quite plain and repetitive. Word play is non-existent and the subject matter stays pretty typical. While his tone and pitch are somewhat decent,  it still cannot capitalize on the lyrical flaws mentioned above. Featuring on the album is Khaliq and Issac. Also, the very odd and aberrant artwork was designed by, Stretch Work Graphics. The record spans over a total of sixteen tracks and unfortunately there are only a handful that are worth listening to. The end result is a very lackluster one and it can be easily neglected as a whole. It seems as if the album was recorded in one sitting inside someone's kitchen or basement. It deeply suffers from critical mixing and mastering issues. Now, granted this is an underground release and the quality criteria is often a bit relaxed related with those type of acts, it still cannot excuse the frivolous mistakes displayed on this record. The artist must come correct, especially when they are representing for the great state of Texas.

Album Notes
* PJ is not to be confused with PJ of the Boss Hogg Outlawz.
* DMD is not to be confused with DJ DMD of the Inner Soul Clique.

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