Thursday, April 17, 2014

E. Vicious - Going For My Propers

E. Vicious also known as just Vicious, is a rapper from Lake Charles, LA. He is one of the dominant members of the group called, X-Mob and is also a long time affiliate of the infamous Underground Kingz. Vicious can be considered by many to be a true pioneer of the southern underground scene. Him and his group have collaborated with many artists from the southern region, Texas and Louisiana to say the least. Going For My Propers is his debut solo album and was released in 1994 on Roach Town Records. Production is assigned to Sharntii Baheth, Delario "To-To" Dillard, and Terry "Red" Redman. The production quality is truly top notch on this project. Instruments have been beautifully meshed with each another and melodies are presented in a very crisp manner. Some sampling is used but it is kept to a minimum. The producers never sway from the southern funk formula and seem to provide it ever so generously. On the microphone, Vicious can be best described for his rough tone and aggressive persona, hence his name. His tone is free of boredom and he can spit it at a decent rate. His southern drawl is very eminent and gives this record its' own flavor. There is one guest appearance on this joint and it belongs to Toad. All in all this six track effort is definitely worth a listen and should be coveted for the originality. The album's style is not only unique but also sort of refreshing and that could be the very reason Vicious was caught by the eye of the legendary Underground King, Pimp C (R.I.P.).

Deadly Verses


Jmac said...

Mann I remember listenin to dis joint back in 94 I had the tape we played it till it fell apart much love for putting dis on here

Anonymous said...

Re Up Please