Friday, December 2, 2011

Insane Klan - Never Fear Death

Insane Klan - Never Fear Death
Insane Klan is a group from the notorious 5th Ward in Houston, TX. It consists of three members who are under the aliases Hollow Point, Bullet Proof, and Top Dawg. Never Fear Death is their debut effort and it was released in 1994 on Dolla Bill Records. The production in its' entirety is superbly done by Lamar "Big Boss" Burks. The beats are made with pure underground harmony and carry that hard edged street sound. A full variety of instruments which are all rhythmically correct are also on display here. By incorporating this method the producer made sure his work will stand the lengthy test of time. The three members waste no time and jump viciously on the dope tracks provided for them. All three are true lyricist. This can easily be seen by their different personalities and confident delivery methods. They attack the microphone with ruthless ambition and savagely rip through the core of the record. Also the chemistry between the trio is also worth taking a note of. Since this is a tape only release, one can expect the quality to be a little dim. With that being said that still should not discourage the listener because the sum of this eight track album is much greater than what is depicted. Overall the group put out a genuinely commendable effort but one that never received any kind of attention. Maybe it was the rough and roguish nature of the record or it could have been the menacing demeanor of the three vocalists. But in all honesty, it is very admirable that the record still sounds amazingly alluring today, as it did back then in 1994.

Deadly Verses
Goin' Insane


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